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Where To Find Bootlegs


Many of the older bootlegs, particularly the vinyl ones, are long out of print and difficult to track down. The following sources are your best bet for finding some of the newer bootlegs and even older ones if you're lucky enough to stumble upon one. Keep in mind that the days of the traditional bootleg are over. With the popularity of CD-Recordables and mp3s, bootlegs are usually copied and reproduced by fans and the "original" title and cover artwork either gets changed or dropped altogether.

1. Internet Dealers This is a different category from record stores with Web store fronts. These are usually private individual traders that deal in CD-Rs and video and audio cassettes.

2. eBay There are usually a few bootlegs up for sale at any given time.

3. Record Fairs Check the advertisements in Record Collector for upcoming British and European record fairs. Goldmine and Discoveries are excellent resources for finding information on record fairs in the US and Canada.

4. Record Stores Some independent record stores stock bootlegs. They may be "under the counter" since they aren't 100% legal.

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